Katerina McCulloch DipNT
(maiden name Polackova)
Massage & Nutritional Therapist

My story

It has began in 2005 when I had qualified as a Holistic therapist and started practising short after that. For a while I worked as a part of a team in Alexander House Hotel and Spa which was great for gaining more confidence and experience but after a while I realised that massage/therapy on a large scale is not for me. I prefer something with a bit slower, more relaxing pace. That's not just for my benefit but mainly for the benefit of my clients. Because I think when the therapist is calm, relaxed and don't need to rush anywhere, then the treatment can be made more personal and tailored to your (clients) needs. This leaves you, the client, much more relaxed and satisfied. Massage is not just about the body (physical needs) but also your mind (spiritual needs).

This all needs to be well balanced to bring relaxation and inner peace to each of us.

I also kept doing more courses to widen my knowledge and at the end I have gained diploma as a Nutritional Therapist. Because I believe that small changes to our lifestyle and to what we eat can bring great improvement to our health.


My qualifications


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