Nutritional therapy

Nutritional therapy

Many health issues and health problems occure because of our busy lifestyle, stress or/and eating habits.

The aim of nutritional therapy is to detoxify the body, correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies or overloads, restore healthy digestion and generaly to make you feel better.

Nutritional therapy is a holistic treatment that looks at your personal history, lifestyle and eating habits so the treatment can be tailored to your specific needs.

It is actually amazing how many symptoms and conditions can be helped with right nutrition. This means adjusting what we eat or drink and maybe adding supplements to make you feel great again.

Even small changes to your nutrition and lifestyle can bring great changes to your health and quality of life. Nutrition can be very powerful. Nutrition is not a magic bullet though. The journey is not always easy and may require some level of dedication and determination, but the final result will definitely worth it. Many people find it actually much easier then they initially thought.

I think that more or less any condition can be helped, eased or even eliminated with nutrition. Right nutrition will help your body to heal itself.

Our bodies will usually let us know if something is happening or if something is going wrong. Unfortunately over the years and centuries we have lost the ability to listen to our bodies and to act early enough to prevent any problems or health issues. Despite all the obstacles we put in front of our bodies they still love to be healthy and they will do their best to achieve that. But we have to learn to listen to them again and give them our helping hand. We need to help, because it is us who puts a “fuel” into our bodies. And the “fuel” we choose will have great impact on what the body can or can't do with it.

As well as house cannot be build with incorrect building materials or materials supplied in a wrong order (e.g. roof tiles instead of bricks), our bodies cannot be “repaired” with the wrong nutrition (wrong nutrients, lack of vitamins and minerals etc.)

That's why I (the nutritional therapist) am here to investigate and guide you through the whole guide you back to VITALITY


What happens during your consultation:

  • The initial consultation is approximately 60-90 minutes, and this provides an opportunity for us to have a thorough discussion and devise a personalised programme to suit your individual needs.
  • Where necessary, supplements may be recommended to address suspected vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
  • A follow-up consultation is usually 4-6 weeks later and provides an opportunity to discuss your progress, give continuing support  as well as make any necessary ongoing changes to the nutritional programme.