Hand and Foot Massage

Hand and Foot Massage

I think that we all agree that our feet and hands are hard working parts of our body parts. Our arms and hands are used constantly throughout the day, and are also required for all our expressions (emotions, happines, fear...). When we walk or run our feet are required to carry us round whole day long, although much of the discomfort in our legs and feet comes from prolong period of sitting down or just standing.

Massage provides the means to ease the tension and revitalize this hard working parts of our body. After all the stresses and strains your hands and feet experience every day, it is no wonder that regular massage sessions are such a healthy treat.

The treatment of feet and hands is based on reflexology and Swedish massage technique. This helps to stimulate the nerve endings and blood circulation, as well as alleviate stress and tension held in the body (it is not a reflexology).


Benefits of Hand and Foot Massage:

  • relaxation
  • stress relieve
  • improves blood circulation
  • improves lymphatic drainage (removal of toxins)
  • relieves tension
  • helps with oedema and water retention
  • just makes us feel good

After the treatment your hands and feet will feel unbelievably light and you will be very, very relaxed.